About us

The trainers and members of “Victoria” aim to promote responsible dog ownership for the benefit of the dogs, their owners, and the community.  
The club has experienced and qualified voluntary trainers, along with other club members who have extensive and broad ranges of experience within the dog world. 

Only reward based methods of training are used, and trainers regularly upgrade their qualifications and training skills. 

Kennel Club Registered
Victoria (Liverpool) ABTC is a non-profit organisation and has been registered with the Kennel Club for over 40 years.  We abide by the rules and code of conduct recommended by the Kennel Club including training techniques, insurance etc.   

The principal trainers within the club have both attained the APDT (UK) Advanced Trainers Certificate.

We abide by their Code of Practice, using only Kind, Fair and Effective training methods.

“A very nice environment to take your dog with great support and great development programs to work towards."  ​

Anthony Bell, Shadow's owner


“I took my new energetic Frenchie to the induction taining, and what a change. He is still a character but he does seem to have manners."  ​

Sarah Roberts, Oliver's owner